About Us

Who we are

Working in the direct selling field is the foundation, but the idea of ​​creating a website that provides e-shopping services started by providing the best that can be obtained from products related to shoes and bags. This activity started by identifying the sources of products and seeking to obtain the best way to display products in terms of external appearance And details in addition to our eagerness to handle.

Through the site, we are looking for the best quality and the most appropriate price in addition to the continuous development on the site in order to facilitate our dear customers the ease and flexibility of browsing and demand.

We take great care to provide the best service and we truly understand this word. The customer is always and never right, we listen and listen to all his requests, we carefully guarantee the quality of the service provided to him and provide his needs in addition to taking all the notes and inquiries seriously.

Shopping is available 24/7 through all communication channels (Facebook – Twitter – Mobile – Whatsapp – Email – request through the site).

Payment after receiving the order and ensuring the safety and appropriateness of purchases. “This service is available for delivery services through malls.”

Mandatees: Our delivery service personnel are trained and qualified to deal telegraphically.

Delivery: We currently have delivery service through malls in Dubai. In addition to cooperation with FedEx International Shipping Company

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