1- If you are a resident of Dubai:

Delivery by delegate is free of charge on the same day.

2- If you are from outside Dubai:

Delivery is through one of the shipping companies operating in your location.

Yes, we are pleased to serve you inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, we exchange it if an alternative is available or we will return the money to you.

And to clarify more if the request was delivered by the delegate, he waits five to ten minutes at the house to verify the sizes, but after the delegate leaves the house the purchase process is considered completed.

 As for the customers whose request was delivered by the shipping companies, they are given five days to return, exchange, or place the value as a balance, by shipping them to us again via FedEx, where the shipping cost will be on the buyer.

We have most of the UAE banks, you can find it on our bank accounts page

Currently, our focus is on providing services online and in the future we seek to expand further.

You can contact the site’s supervisor on mobile and WhatsApp at the number

Email us through the site’s mail

Through the Contact Us page

Through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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